Nobu Park Lane

The eponymous Nobu London was the first European venture for the celebrated Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and produces world renowned multi award winning Michelin Star cuisine.

Their in-house Private Dining facility closely adjoins the main restaurant floor of Nobu London located on Old Park Lane. They offer a range of decor choices based on your specifications and the versatile space has played host to a wide range of private and corporate functions, at all times of the day. Daylight can stream down through the generous skylight atrium, or the room can be darkened for an intimate candle lit look. Service can include Nobu’s famed Sushi bar inside the room or traditional waiter service from the main kitchens.


  • Michelin Starred Restaurant 
  • Panoramic Views Across Hyde Park 
  • Contemporary and Elegant Dining Space  
  • Black Canvas Private Dining Room 

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