Kensington Palace

Behind the calm, peaceful façade your guests will discover a spirited venue of royal extravagance and magnificent beauty, full of lively stories of rivalry, politics, heartache and romance.

For centuries, Kensington Palace has been a backdrop for spectacular social occasions, the scene of private intimate gatherings and a place for cementing royal business. Surrounded by parkland, Kensington Palace offers a welcome retreat from the nearby hustle and bustle of London. Its elegance makes the palace an ideal companion to the Royal Parks’ tranquil gardens and ponds. The palace offers a unique selection of eight rooms available for receptions and formal dinners ranging from the rich and luxurious King's Gallery to the tranquil and elegant Orangery.


  • One of the Royal Palace Collection
  • Famous Residence of Queen Victoria
  • Located in Kensington Gardens on the edge of Hyde Park
  • Exceptional Traditional Features
  • Eight Versatile Event Spaces 

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