Blank Canvas

Explore a range of venues providing a blank canvas for your creativity to thrive. Begin the process of your memorable event today!

Long white runway with extremely high ceilings, greek columns and seating along each side
Summer party with orange floral decorations
Large room with high ceilings and greek columns
Banking Hall

East London


240 capacity

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Pink floral wedding set up in large grand room with ceiling mural
Evening event set up, standing tables, spot lights and stage
Red and pink floral arches
Red and pink floral wedding dinner party
Underground event, arched ceilings and lit entirely with candle stands
Banqueting House

South West London


500 capacity

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Interior shot of concrete building with exhibition
Outdoor shot of concrete building at night with abstract art projected onto the wall
Outdoor shot of building with large chimney and blue skies
Old Truman Brewery

East London


2,000 capacity

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OMR 2.jpg
Wedding set up - long dining tables with rose centre pieces and pale purple lighting
OMR 3.jpg
OMR 4.jpg
OMR 7.jpg
OMR 5.jpg
OMR 6.jpg
One Marylebone

North London


1,200 capacity

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Long dining table in room with glass vaulted ceiling
Long party table with velvet chairs and photo booth in the background
Dance floor with stage and ceiling lit up in turquoise
Conference set up, seating arrange in large rectangle around tv
Conference set up, seating arrange in large square around projector screen
The Central

Central London


190 capacity

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Cultural hub housed in revamped tube carriages
Revamped warehouse with lots of open space and vaulted ceiling
Gig set up with stage and standing area
Revamped colourful tube carriages
Side view of revamped warehouse with wooden staggered seating and stage
Revamped warehouse with wooden staggered seating and stage
Brown brick entrance to the warehouse
Village Underground

East London


700 capacity

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The Vale Studios

West London

110 capacity

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